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Gong & Sound Therapy


Gong sound baths for public, corporate & private groups

The aim of a gong soundscape bath is to simply raise your vitality and increase calmness. 

This authentic 60 minute practice can be accessible to all that have the inner calling to experience this ancient science and technology. 

All that is required is to lay down, relax and allow the vibrations to come and flow through the body. It will transcend the listener into a blissful state towards creating harmony and a deeper connection within. 

How does it work?

The sound vibrations of the gong creates a deep sense of relaxation,  clears the mind,  and stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning. It also aids in the reorganisation of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied to the body structure and consequently affect the mind.

On a physical level,  the sound of a live gong stimulates circulation,  and its frequencies stimulate nerve endings that can promote healing from injuries,  trauma or drug use which have compromised the nervous system.

Therapeutic yoga & gong sound bath, 60-90 minute session

A beautiful fusion of Kundalini or Yin Yoga and Gong. This is a healing yoga and sound therapy practice which generates deep and powerful sound waves, giving the feeling of bathing your whole being in healing vibration enhanced through movement.

Full moon gong bath and cacao ceremony - 90 minute session

A ceremony of sacred intention that draws upon the gifts of sound and vibration and the use of plant cacao medicine. When we start living within the natural rhythm and flow of Nature we find life becomes more peaceful and harmonious. The Moon and Planets help us to find this natural flow and bring us back into alignment with the Earth and all living things.

A full moon gong sound bath and cocoa ceremony will soothe you to let go of any shadows from your life, we create space to receive more love, more connection, more hope, more joy!

We drink cacao in ceremony to reconnect with our deep inner guidance and open and soften into our hearts. The spirit of cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan deities. They called cacao 'the water that runs through the heart'. Chocolate is a sacred, medicinal, psychoactive, plant and the obroma or cacao actually means "food of the gods".

Be renewed and replenished by this powerful and uplifting Gong Meditation, and allow the seeds of your intentions to grow and manifest. 

This is beautiful journey into the heart.

"Your vision will be come clear only when you can look in to your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; and who looks inside, awakens." ( Carl Jung)

Chakra bowl therapy - 60-120 minutes

Chakra Sound alignment treatment is a deeply relaxing and joyful experience. It is a healing sound therapy practice which generates deep and powerful sound waves, bathing your whole being in healing vibration. 

Placing various balinese bowls on the body and played to harmonise and strengthen each of the chakra centres. We move from deep bass sounds at the root, through enchanting tones for the heart to ethereal high frequencies at the crown as you relax.

To end off the session, the transformational power of gong vibration will be played to cut through any energy blocks that have arisen throughout the practice. It is deeply healing and transformative practice.