Couture Fitness & Yoga
Working in London and Ibiza
Offering Yoga, Gong Sound Baths, Reiki Treatments and Courses, Private or Corporate bookings to you at home or at your office/site or from our Brixton based practice - The Light House (SW2)

Meet the Teachers


Hayley teaching a yoga classKnown by her spiritual name Hamir Kaur, Hayley Shoesmith is an internationally experienced yoga teacher, fitness consultant and sound therapist, specialising in addiction and trauma recovery.

Her approach to health and well-being focuses on the interconnection of body, mind and nature. With over 25 years of experience, her yoga and sound healing practices take inspiration from the ancient teachings of India, Chinese medicine and Japanese reiki.

Hayley's one-on-one yoga consultations are highly personalised and include posture work, breath work, meditation and sound healing.


CamillaChilean born and with a Native American heritage, Camilla was inspired by the energy of Ibiza to become a yoga teacher.

Trained by guru Prana Ji, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in January 2018 at Rishikul Yoga Shala in Kerala, India.

All classes are open to all levels and are a nurturing fusion of mantra, postures and pranayama meditation. Teaching from the heart centre, with a strong focus on alignment to rebalance the energy centres, her students enjoy a deep sense of inner connection as she guides them with grace through their yoga practice.

Classes: Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Pranayama Meditation and yoga for Children.

Pure Joga, London

Personal Training HeaderShe is the "Jo" in the name "Joga" and her passion is all things Yoga. When she says all things, she means everything from Aladdin pants to Pranayama to Yoga Sutras to Meditation to Asana to Zen music accompanied by the fragrance of incense... It’s lit!

'Pure' is a powerful word. Yoga is an internal process where you are purifying the energy channels (nadis) within you so the vital energy force (prana) can move freely, taking you to the higher state of self-realisation. Her Yoga teachers have consistently commented on how pure her practice and teachings are. She teaches from within, with an authentic Yogi style.

Her classes are dynamic, hatha yoga practice which lets the breath lead the flow of the bodies movement, allowing the mind to quieten and the mind, body and soul to become one, allowing the participants to connect with their true self. It truly is a moment of bliss.